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Alternative education & mentoring services


SGSE is an approved provider with Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council to deliver alternative education and mentoring services. We are quality assured by schools, partners and local authorities. SGSE operates within Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Somerset.

At SGSE we provide positive experiences and opportunities via mentoring and alternative education delivery.

Our offer enables children and young people to enjoy and achieve, whilst continuing their learning and development, academically, socially and emotionally.

Mission Statement

SGSE is dedicated to delivering an effective mentoring and alternative education provision that allows all learners to enjoy,
achieve and progress.

Pillars of SGSE

Positive Relationships

Positive relationships at SGSE are built on trust, kindness, safety and security, all are important tools for change, linked not only to better a child or young person’s wellbeing but also to better educational performance.


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are measurable statements that articulate at the beginning what a child or young person should know, be able to do, or value as a result of taking a course or completing an outcome.

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Understands the needs and requirements of the young people and its commissioners.

Has the passion for all of our young people to achieve their ambitions, aspirations.

Has a skilled and experienced staff group that work and engage with our young people.

Supplier for Bristol City and South Gloucestershire Councils.

Has a number of our own amazing sites that have great facilities and resources, which create a positive environment for our young people.

Has various partner sites across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

We have an aim to reach a point where our services are no longer needed by the young person, and that they successfully transition into a positive next phase in their learning journey.

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