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Martin Booth
“I have worked alongside the Director of SGSE within custodial environments, where he was a Head of Education and part of the prison senior management team, responsible for education and purposeful activity for juvenile and adult offenders. Watching him and his teams consistently achieve great results and outcomes during inspections and audits, all with a focus on achievement and relationships. It’s amazing to see the same passion and ethos being embedded within the culture at SGSE, this is why I am proud to be a SGSE Ambassador.”
Martin Booth
Former Prison Director
James Mapstone
“I have worked with the Director of SGSE for many years to provide quality and holistic education programmes in custodial settings. Now I see the same passion for inspiring positive change and delivering outcomes for children and young people is at the heart of SGSE provision. That is why I am proud to be an Ambassador.”
James Mapstone, Chief Executive
Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice
Antonio Bustorff

“I am impressed with the way SGSE opens different opportunities for their students.

Most importantly, it gives their students a structure through classes and activities which is much needed for support and for their growth.

I wish I had an organisation like SGSE when I was growing up.”

Antonio Bustorff,
Director of Gracie Barra and Actor
Mitchell Goode<br />

“I’m proud to be an ambassador for SGSE; I support their ethos and their work with young people to develop essential skills and values. As well as academic work, they provide access to a variety of amazing sports activities, which can positively impact these young people’s lives. For me, to represent SGSE in my competitive career is amazing. I want to inspire these young people to continue working hard and achieving their goals.

I’m proud to be an SGSE ambassador.”

Mitchell Goode
Professional Athlete

Andy Lathell<br />

“I have seen first hand the amazing work SGSE provides to the young people within in their delivery. Their professional approach to sometimes difficult situations and the empathy and understanding staff show is amazing. The work that takes place really has a positive impact on social skills, educational attainment and prosocial relationships.”

“I am proud to be an SGSE ambassador.”

Andy Lathell
Community Manager
Andy Taylor

“I have seen first-hand the amazing work that the SGSE staff do on a daily basis. The commitment and dedication they demonstrate to the young people in their care is amazing to witness. This is one of the many reasons I am proud to be an SGSE ambassador.”

Andy Taylor
Fitness Professional and Business Owner

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