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Our story so far…

Our Director has vast experience in managing and leading education and training provisions within custodial and community settings.

Working within the prison service for over 20 years where 14 of them were with juvenile offenders, he contributed to and led multiple Ofsted inspections where no lower than a “Good” grade was achieved.

An “Outstanding” grade was achieved during this time, when the provision was seen as best practice. The delivery was also recognised by various bodies winning multiple community and organisational awards.

SGSE was founded in 2011, and the provision structure and model emulates that of previous successful models our leadership team has developed and implemented. This approach has been embedded within our community educational and mentoring delivery.

The SGSE package now offers a wide breadth of activities, academic, vocational learning and personal growth opportunities.

The SGSE model is consistently developing, this drive and development is led by our senior management team, who all have vast experience in working in schools, ALP’s and FE colleges as leaders.

The team now consists of over 40 staff, with qualified teachers, subject specialists, facilitators, managers, administrators and education learning mentors. All working together to provide purposeful and enriching alternative education and mentoring to all our service users.

Our aim is to develop positive relationships and enable learning outcomes to be achieved within our enjoyable environments, influencing positive social change and raising the ambitions and aspirations of those at SGSE.

Every year we will be adding to our current offer, adding new activities, vocational opportunities and more.

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