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Case Study – Year 10

  • Case Study – Year 10

  • Duration at SGSE, 2 Years

YP 1 attended SGSE as a year 10 learner, after his school could no longer manage the behaviours he was demonstrating towards staff and other learners. YP 1 had a school attendance of 17% and had achieved very little during his time in a school setting.

YP 1 made outstanding progress within the SGSE provision, his attendance in year 1 was 96% and in year 2 98%, a huge increase from that within a school setting. In regards to learning outcomes, in year 1 he achieved 26 unit outcomes in various core subjects ranging from entry level to level 2 and in year 2 he went on to sit his GCSE’s. During the time spent at SGSE, there was a huge change in the attitudes and behaviours of YP 1, he displayed consistently good manners and a great attitude towards practical, academic and soft skills tasks, his learning journey was a great transition from a disengaged learner to an engaged one.

Upon leaving SGSE YP 1 then progressed onto a apprenticeship within the community to great success.