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SGSE has been a godsend for my son when the education system had completely failed him due to his needs. The staff are dedicated and A young person centred and the change of behaviour in him due to SGSE input has been astounding. The communication between parents and staff is also very good. I can’t thank SGSE enough for helping my son.
Parent of YP M

A huge thank you to you and your team for all of the dedication and support given to Notton House Academy pupils and families during this Covid-19 period. We really appreciate your bespoke work and flexibility, with some of our most challenging young people. I am thankful for your offer to continue offering support through the summer for families that are experiencing considerable difficulties.

The daily attendance emails we receive allow us to act swiftly with regard to safeguarding. The weekly attendance reports provide a simple overview to allow us to spot and monitor patterns of absenteeism. Whenever there is an issue that needs immediate attention, your Operations Manager has contacted me in person via email or telephone allowing me where necessary to record this on our child protection/safeguarding system. I am pleased that our learners are making academic progress with you. Please pass on my appreciation to the SGSE team.

Martyn Watkins

Welfare Curriculum Lead Teacher Notton House Academy

My child, Y attended SGSE for 5 months and my child was very happy and enjoyed going to the SGSE settings.

My child progressed massively and he found a new found confidence which improved his understanding on things.

My child loved the SGSE staff who were very good at nurturing and developing my child’s academic skills as well as social interaction and productive play, which was vital as he has sensory difficulties.

I love SGSE and the caring genuine good teachers and mentors. You’re all so welcoming and amazing.
We, the family of Y are very grateful to SGSE’s support and the help you have provided for Y in his time with you.

Thank you so much.

Mothers Testimony for YP Y - Year 8

I have good relationship with my tutor, I love working and learning with animals. My confidence has grown and I now feel better about talking to people. I prefer to be at SGSE than at school because I enjoy my learning with them.
Alternative Education Learner

The SGSE team cannot be thanked enough for the work they have done with our students. They have clearly had such a positive impact on our pupil’s moral, social, and educational attainment. The ‘in school’ group work and one to one mentoring service has helped the students focus on their social skills, communication, interaction, emotional regulation and conduct. This in turn has impacted on their levels of engagement across the curriculum and attitudes towards one another.

As well as the mentoring service, SGSE provides quality one to one support for students who require an alternative curriculum. Work placements are chosen to meet the student’s individual interests and needs, not only to develop work related skills and independence, but to overcome barriers to learning that were present in traditional educational environments. Stewart has a real insight into the needs of the children and is passionate that an alternative education should provide development opportunities for the ‘whole’ child. His time working with young offenders has given him a wealth of experience in understanding the difficulties some young people face and how complex their lives can be. Stewart and the SGSE Team are passionate about achieving good outcomes for all young people including those who have experienced trauma or have had a troubled upbringing.

SGSE has given our students a real purpose and direction for their futures and have enabled our young people to develop into well rounded individuals.

Sally Clark LP

Safeguarding, Behaviour & Mental Health (CPO), Culverhill School

SGSE have been able to build up positive relationships with some of our most complex and challenging young people. These are young people often struggling to manage with school life, non-attending, and drifting into anti-social behaviour. They have effectively ‘given up’ on learning, but the SGCS Team is able to bring them back on track and give them a sense of purpose and direction. The difference we see in these young people is amazing, not just in terms of raising confidence and self-esteem – all their work is structured and evidence based, working towards clear measurable targets and accreditation. Everyone, including the young person, can see the progress being made.
Jonathan Troy

Careers and Transitions Adviser

The after school club is great!  I have so much fun, we play lots of games, do arts and crafts.  I also do my homework with Miss (after school club staff).  I love it.
Learner One

After School Club

I hated school, I never got on with it and it seemed like people had given up on me, it seemed like I wasn’t going to get an education and I didn’t really care. Since I started with SGSE its all totally changed.  I love coming to my education sessions, I am learning loads of new things and I now know I want to get a job working with animals.  SGSE have made me realise how important education for my future.  I am now wanting to learn more and achieve my Maths and English qualifications, something that I never wanted to do or thought was important.  I have a great relationship with my tutor who is always supporting me when things get tough. SGSE has made me feel like I am doing well for the first time.
Learner Two

Alternative Education

Having worked closely with SGSE and their alternative provision and mentoring aspect, I would highly recommend SGSE for any young person not managing with mainstream education. SGSE provide an unique learning package especially where the Keyworkers are with the young person the majority of their learning. The young person is able to build a positive and trustworthy relationship with the Keyworker and other staff with SGSE. Working with young people that struggle emotionally, are involved with ASB and have other learning needs, I have recommended SGSE to mainstream schools for alternative provision and as a lead professional for families and child I engage with I would look forward to working SGSE in the future.
J. Cannon

Early Help – FIT Keyworker

I love working at SGSE, the pride and passion the team has to make a positive impact on all the children and young people we engage with is amazing. Our job is so fulfilling, challenging at times, yes, but so rewarding. Helping and aiding the children and young people to grow personally and academically is amazing, and the positive results of the provision are clearly evident to see.
SGSE Staff Member